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everything here is going great. moved all my stuff in sunday night.
today babe stayed home from school and we went to the mall to get apps & visit his work and we hung around the house. then we went to his friend harry's house. he's pretty nice. i also met steve's boss haha shes so nice she asked me to hang out :)

i have an interview tomorrow at sears at 3! also i have an app for pacsun and steve is friends with the manager so i probably have that job.

leaving sunday night was so hard but it was quick cause i couldnt handle. my mom, my sister and i all in tears. it was soooo hard. i guess even my mom's new x-boyfriend whose known me forever even teared but and said he was scared that i was growing up.
before this, i was talking to my mom online and i like can't stop crying. blahhhh

danyelle is coming over when she gets out of school..since she goes to school in billerica. i can't wait to see her :(

ok babes been sleeping for 2 hours so its time for me to go cuddle him. <3
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everything is going good i'm going to loon this weekend and really excited about that. 

benny and i are well. he starts college next month but he won't be working. thats the new plan so him and i can see eachother.

i work a lot but bring 100$ or more in tips home a night so it is very much worth it.